Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wednesday September 26

I'm having a good day because I'm wearing my own clothes and no hospital gown and my sister, Penny, is here (and she's typing this). I'm in Kessler Rehab which was voted fourth best rehab facility in the country. My prognosis remains at 6 months, 18 months, or 4 years if the radiation works and I am very excited about that. Now the hard part starts... physical therapy so I can walk again and my first session is in 30 minutes. Right now they have to use an engine hoist to get me out of the bed and into the wheelchair. A week from Friday will be the precision radiation on the tumor site on the brain, which will determine my longevity. I love this facility, especially the people who work here, one of whom has already donated $2400 to cover the needs of one orphan for four years. And two other staff member s have also pledged. This is providing the motivation I need to continue my push with physical therapy.

Did I mention how happy am I that my sister is here? It took many hours for her to get here and I'm so appreciative. We've been laughing and joking together and she's already bossing me around. (And that's the truth sayeth the typist.)    
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