Tuesday, August 28, 2018

“Pain is a pesky part of being human, it's a sudden hurt that can't be escaped. But when it comes, healing feels like the wind against your face when you are spreading your wings and flying through the air!” ― C. JoyBell C.

                     There were so many times over the past several days that I despaired of my existence but was buoyed up and out of that slough of despair by encouraging and caring words of my friends and family.  It is so very important to let those you care about know that you care about them.  Don't keep that to yourself, please let those you love know that you love them.  You cannot tell them or show them too many times—it’s impossible.  While I can handle a lot more pain than I ever thought I could, nausea wipes me out.  I can't think, use my computer, read, watch television, or any of the things that are normal to me.  All I can do is suffer and pray for it to cease.  Today is the first time in quite a while that I can sit up and write on my computer (hence today’s blog).  In addition to IV's, injections, and other medicines, the doctor is quite sure I am over a quart low on vitamin B12 and have had to alter my diet and add vitamin supplements to get my levels back up.  Happily, I really like most of the foods high in B12 so that's a plus.  I am also hoping that this gets cured and out of the way of my trip coming up in just two weeks.  Yesterday, I would have said I couldn't go, but today I'm looking forward to it.  What a difference a day makes! 
                   Thank you all so very much for your prayers, kind words, and messages of encouragement.  They all helped.  Racho had her whole church praying for me as well as all the Methodist churches here.  God may have gotten tired of hearing my name, but healing came my way, so thank you, thank you, thank you.  Once, while the doctor was here sticking needles into me, Sissie jumped up on the bed and pushed her head up under my chin.  She was letting me know that I was not alone.  Karen maybe?  I think so.  I don't think she's through taking care of me.  She used to always say that she gave birth to three boys but raised four sons.  I was proud she raised me, too.

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