Friday, December 8, 2017

“If you invest your time, talent, and resources, orphans in Africa can have much happier and healthier lives.” — Beau Sides

            Death can only end a life, but it cannot end the forever loving touch of those who serve Christ by serving others.  In order to honor the dedication, service, and love of my wife for the small orphans in our area, we are renaming our preschool, but not really.  Karen named our preschool St. Caryn Pierce Academy in memory of a good friend of hers with whom she taught back in Springdale, Arkansas.  Sadly, Caryn Pierce died too young and her love of the color pink, music, and children everywhere lives on here.  The uniforms have a lot of pink, and there is a portrait of Caryn Pierce up in the school.  So, how to honor my beloved while continuing to honor the other Caryn?  Well, we are renaming the school the St. Karyns’ Academy which combines both Karen’s and Caryn’s names.  They taught together for years, loved each other, and now are being honored together once again.  Portraits of both women are up on the walls of the school, and there are special programs being planned to honor each one every year—one in the fall and one in the spring.  I think both would be happy to be joined and remembered and honored in this way.  The kids are learning special songs honoring Karen and Caryn, and I am helping with the lyrics.  The pink will always be a part of the uniforms and the colors of the school, and my Karen’s uniform designs will be kept and used year after year.  We already have over half the money we need to operate for another ten years pledged and have other support upon which we can count.  St. Karyns’ Academy will continue even after I have gone to join my honey sometime in the future.  It’s the least I could do to honor her love, her service, and her commitment to Christ here in Tanzania.  
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