Thursday, September 8, 2011

While the massive antibiotics I am taking for my head injury and for my eyes are still making me quite ill everyday, John has been a work horse.  Fixed the electric cooker, set up his lab for even better teaching, and is teaching now as his students from Musoma don't want to leave till they have drained every drop of learning they can from John.  After Karen's third injection yesterday, today, she and Shaban went out to the Teacher's College and began the arrangements for this fall's scholarship students.  There will be nine students who will be finishing their second and final year and will be teaching next fall.  We are adding four new scholarship students this fall because that was all the funds we had.   Still, if we only add one new Christian teacher a year, we will be doing good things for the students and the country.   So far, we have graduated over twenty-five new Christian teachers (there might be more, I can't count really well) with another thirteen to be added over the next two years.  To be able to add thirty-eight teachers to a system that loses 1,500 teachers every year to AIDS is a true blessing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all who have contributed from Cherokee Village UMC and Cornerstone UMC in Jonesboro as well as several other individuals.  What a difference you have made.  May God fill you with His grace as we fill you with our gratitude.  Saturday, they start the solar installation--already paid for.  A special thanks to each of you who read this blog.  I once thought to quit writing thinking only one or two were actually reading it.  Found out later, an average of fifty people a day read it in five different countries.  Thanks for caring and staying up on what we're doing here.  And a very special thanks to those who comment or respond on Facebook or through email.  We need all the encouragement we can get.
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