Saturday, September 3, 2011

On Friday, Shaban, Karen, and I spent thirteen hours basically getting the results of three blood tests--and they wanted us to come back on Monday for one, but we insisted it be done while we were there.  Five hours of driving, 20 minutes of testing, and eight hours of waiting at two different hospitals.   Called the results back to the doctor in Musoma who immediately took Karen off of two medications, gave her directions for the weekend, and wants to see her in Musoma on Monday morning to start a new regimen of medication.  All for the good, but we had no time for new shock absorbers, or hunting for medication, or me finding a surgeon to remove some skin cancer spots.  We'll just have to go back next week.  Karen was what was important and we got that done.  While we were in Mwanza with the car, hurrying to wait, John took a taxi to the village of Kabasa (only about 30 kilometers from Bunda) to deliver clothes for Methodist orphan children.  He took Juliana with him and they were very successful.  There are five pictures to see if you click on the one at the right.  Ought to make you feel good.
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