Sunday, September 4, 2011

Karen spent the day keeping off of her leg.  I spent the day keeping my eyes closed since we still haven't found the medication for the eye infection and besides my feet are still in pain from Friday's activity, and one of the cancer spots above my ear has become very painful.  It's above the ear that was half-removed (cancer) and rebuilt by a surgeon in Rogers.  On the up side, tomorrow is John's birthday.  There is no way I can adequately convey my pride in his devotion to the mission and to us.  He has done so much for the people of Tanzania through water filters, delivering clothes for orphans, teaching sanitation and hygiene training, running the mission and keeping it functioning (through thick and thin), and keeping all our computers and internet working--not just us, but other missionaries as well.  He came for a one-week visit six years ago and has only been back in the states once for a month or so back in 2006.  He has dedicated his life to serving God through the Tanzanian people and using all the skills God gave him.  He has stayed up all night praying for Karen and I several times when we sorely needed it.  What do you give to the man who gives everything?  He has pleased his heavenly Father and his earthly parents.  He remains close to both his brothers.  I simply could not be prouder of him, who he is, and what he still has to offer for years to come.  He has Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, and few other congenital birth defects, but he has overcome them and refuses to let them keep him from following his dream.  Did I mention he's a great photographer, too?  Almost all the pictures I post, he took.  One he didn't take is at the right.  It captures him quite well.
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