Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Juliana was out sick today and we are praying for her.  The weather is funky--hot, cold, rainy, dry and all in the same day.  It is making many people sick.  Last night was so cool to have solar powered security lights and my breathing machine (CPAP) all working without caring what happened to Tanesco.  Eventually, we will have most of the mission on solar, but that will take a while.  We are doing things in phases as we can afford them.  I was blown away by how bright a 6 watt solar bulb was.  These bulbs are brighter than our other security lights.  Amazing.  We are planning to send Karen and John to Arusha for ten days for John to help Pete, to give Karen a little vacation, and for her to use his recording studio to do the songs for her English program, so anyone will be able to do it.  Probably in a couple of weeks.
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