Monday, September 5, 2011

Good news all the way around.  Karen has a healthy leg again and needs only three vitamin K injections (injected by me) over the next three days and she should be good to go.  In three months, we will do the blood tests again to make sure everything is still working as it should.  Turns out the cancer above my ear isn't cancer at all but a fungal infection that can be healed with a cream and tablet medications.  Also, Shaban found the medications I needed for my eye infection and that is better, too.  We bought new hospital mosquito nets for the Coptic Hospital since the old ones had disappeared.  They were very grateful.  On the way home from Musoma, Shaban slammed on the brakes, pulled over to the side of the road and hopped out of the car.  He came back with a big piece of white sugar cane.  John loves it, so this was Shaban's birthday gift to John even though it took a day or two off of my life.  Karen got him two new computer desks for his classroom and I got him a new phone about a month back but Sunday's blog was also a birthday gift.  John teaches in Musoma tomorrow, Karen rests after I give her her second injection, and Wednesday, Shaban and I go back to Mwanza to get new shocks and bushings for the car and to find the medication for the prostate problem.  Thursday, they start installing our solar emergency lighting system.  I guess God is not ready to be rid of us just yet.  Still lots to do,  more than we can do in the next two weeks anyway.  I sure thought I was gonna get a whole lot more hammock time.  Still love to see the smiles on the faces of the kids wearing new clothes, and the smiling tears in the eyes of those we lay hands on and pray for.  We get so much more than we give.  Check out the pictures on the right to see why we suffer and go on, happily.
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