Monday, August 29, 2011

Yesterday, the power went off at six am and didn't return until eleven pm--nationwide.  We burned $80 worth of petrol keeping the generator running.   This was a new record for us, usually the power returns around four in the afternoon, so we had to turn the generator off for an hour to let it rest since we didn't know how long it was going to have to run.  If we had had our solar system in place, the cost would have been less than $20.  Anytime we run the generator that long, we have to change the oil the next day after it cools down.  We will start installing phase one of the solar systems next week, and I can't wait.  I was pretty sick today, don't know why, just some African thing.  Tomorrow is the end of Ramadan, forty days of fasting, so it is a national holiday call Eid.  Lots of feasting and celebrating that lasts for twenty-four hours.  That's probably why they turned the power off yesterday, so it wouldn't interfere with the holiday.  It is celebrated for two days because the Sunni Muslims are one day off of the Shia Muslims.  We are still planning a trip to the Aga Khan Hospital in Mwanza for Thursday for some tests because we are still not sure about her deep vein thrombosis.  I will try to get some medication usually illegal in Tanzania to deal with my enlarged prostate problem.  Sorry to bother you with our ailments, but we are old people now. 
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