Friday, August 5, 2011

Took the group to St. Wiggins Academy in Lamadi today.  This is a school for orphans that started with five students last September and now has over 200.  Started out in a borrowed church, but the community pitched in and have built two big rooms and are building two bathrooms as well as a small kitchen.  It will also become a Methodist church on Sundays.  Since a supporter in Arkansas agreed to fund the $100 a month for food for the 100 orphans and since I was already giving $100 a month, the amount increased to $200 a month so as long as we could feed 200 orphans, we added that many.  About forty can pay the government school fees but like our little school better so they pay the same they would pay normal school fees and we use that to pay for teacher salaries and supplies.  We need 50 new uniforms which will be paid for by the group that is here.  One of the men is building eight new desks for the school tomorrow as well.  In addition, we gave out lots of dresses sewed by women in Arkansas for the orphans who just squealed in joy at their new clothes.  Quite a day.   Pictures at right including one of the sanitation and hygiene seminar group here.
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