Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today was cold and rainy (for Africa) and not much happened.  Amos still has malaria so Edina filled in for him today.  I am very worried about our resident permits even though others have told me it was just saber rattling on the part of the new regional immigration officer.  We are working on getting two of the three documents needed and may have them as early as tomorrow afternoon.  It has been very quiet here today with no visitors and few staff.  Our former worker, Paul, came by to tell us he is working in Geita with his brother selling motor bikes and old cars.  His wife lives in Tireme working for an NGO and has the baby with her.  Paul told us today the baby was not his, but simply a way for the girl's family to get money out of him.  He still loves her.  A sad story.  We have orders for five more filters and will be working on that, assuming Karen and I don't get deported.  Not surprisingly, I am a little depressed.  We have done so much for so many years that doesn't seem to count for anything with the despotic immigration officer.  I had to bribe the first one, five years ago, and sadly, long for a little corruption that would make this easy.  Karen's leg is responding well to the treatment and medication we got from the Coptic Hospital.  It is better today than in weeks.  I had to give her two injections to get the drug regimen begun and did so, but I hate to hurt people and she was so brave about it.  We watched a movie last night that the South Carolina group brought us and it cheered me up for a while.  They were such a wonderful group.  Chris and Cami are professional photographers and have a link to some of their pictures you should check out.  It is   Yesterday, we were able to get a suitcase full of baby clothes to Lisbeth's infant orphanage in Bweri.  She had just gotten back from Sweden the day before and was very happy to see us and to receive the clothes from her friends in Arkansas.   Do keep us in your prayers, we need them.
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