Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sadly, today is the last day for our guests.  The young people have done some great work teaching pastors and lay leaders how to teach Bible stories.  They love the people like they love the Lord.  A lot of passion, smiles, and love.  There are four pictures if you click on the one at the right.  I really like their approach.  They leave tomorrow for a safari.  Unfortunately, Thomas, the male leader got pretty sick with an African digestive disease and was very sick last night.  The medicine we got today seems to be working, but please keep him in your prayers.  He and his wife are going to Kenya for another week of pastor training.  Tomorrow, Karen and I will renew our resident permits and will learn a lot about solar energy.  We are being given two large solar panels, but have to figure out wattage requirements and battery size about which I know nothing.  The Coptic Hospital is back up and running, so we will take Karen there to have them check out her leg.  The pain is less but the swelling is still there.  She needs your prayers as well.  Friday, it will be back to just family and staff here at Maisha Na Maji and we are all looking forward to it.
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