Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Queenie, our teacher at Karen's school is quitting as of next Monday to go on to Community College.  Karen wondered if Juliana might know of someone and she immediately picked up her phone.  An hour later, Karen has a new teacher who will observe the rest of this week and start on his own next week.  He is the son of Juliana's brother, Steven, who is an Anglican priest serving in Musoma.  His wife Phelista, helped cook for the last two groups that were here and has helped on other occasions as well.  While Steven was attending seminary in Arusha, Karen and I helped him a little, not much, mostly with bus fare back and forth to Bunda.  Funny how things work.  John has students coming tomorrow and we will also have a man from TanzSolar here to measure for wires and scout out light locations and the best place to put the solar panel.  We have ten hours of good sunlight a day, so solar works better here than almost anywhere.  The UK only have five hours of sunlight and they don't have it for 340 days a year like we do.  I am excited about this.  I am also excited because I may be returning to Boston University next year or 2013 to speak with an honorarium, a hotel room, and help with my plane tickets as part of the package.  That would really be something.  As always, God will guide us.  Another neighbor died of malaria, this time a 30 year old man who left a pregnant wife and two small children.  We have offered to help with the medical costs when the baby is born.  There are always needs for money to help people that should not be going to pay for petrol for the generator or the national electric company.  That's the real reason I am so jazzed about getting started tomorrow.  Thank you so very much for all your prayers and support.  You will never know how much good you do, but it is a lot, and we are very, very grateful.
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