Friday, August 19, 2011

A piece of my CPAP machine got lost last night and I was up all night failing to find it, so jury rigged a fix and slept all day.   Richard Mazira's mother died, so we sent Edina and Neema with some gifts, but whole family had left for Butiama, so they came on home.  Pastor Karoli came by to pick up some of the money Jimmye Whitfield and her church sent him to help with the two orphan girls.  Got to watch a video of Carl and Chris building a filter--it's forty minutes long so we are trying to edit it to get it YouTube size.  A package from Ruth (Ginny's sister) came yesterday for Karen's school, but Charlini was sure it was meant for her.  She finally accepted defeat, but it wasn't very gracious.  Lusi is out sick and Amos is back after almost a week of having chest pains.  Sent him by taxi (if you are sick here, you have to walk the five or seven kilometers to the hospital--which would make me sick) to DDH and the prescribed drugs are working.  He is back today but we are only allowing him to watch the gates.  Watched movie "The Rat Race" that Cami brought to us and we laughed harder than we have in ages, thanks Cami.  Weather is still cool and windy but it is winter here.  Got down to 65 the other night.  Had to close all the windows and get out extra blankets.  Karen's leg continues to improve.  She goes back for a recheck next Tuesday.  The doctor still wants more tests run, but Nairobi is closest place and too expensive to do just for tests.  If things get worse, we will reconsider, of course, so do keep her in your prayers.  Glad to say both groups got back home safely with all their luggage, but the group from Louisiana had five cases of malaria on their return.  First time that's happened.  Don't know what medication they were on, but they are all well and okay now.  My mother continues to hang on so maybe she's waiting for something.  She told my sister that she would die if she only knew how.  Keep her in your prayers as well.
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