Monday, August 22, 2011

It rained today which was good for everybody.  Juliana is still under the weather but won't stay home.  Tomorrow, we start doing some serious planning to put solar panels and lights here at Maisha Na Maji.  Solar costs have come down and our electricity and generator costs have shot through the roof.  Right now, we are just looking at lights, security lights and indoor lights (one or two for each building).  We will keep you posted.  Karen's leg is better but she is still in some pain so while we are in Musoma tomorrow, we will take her by the Coptic Hospital for a recheck.  I am almost positive I have an enlarged prostate (at my age almost all men do) so we will do some tests to see if medication can help and to rule out cancer.  Pretty sure it is not cancer, but if there is medication that will help, I will take it.  If they recommend surgery, we have more thinking to do, but I'm praying it only needs meds.  You pray, too, please.
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