Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Had a great final day of the seminar. The women felt like sisters with their American friends and all learned from each other. Each woman was given a treated mosquito net that is good for five years. They sang, learned, and loved together. The men fixed electrical problems that have been bothering us for years and installed two fans in Martha's place and more security lights. They put lights in the little kitchen where we cook for the groups and now we have an electric cooker to go with the gas burners. A three-year-old member of the church died yesterday so many went to the funeral. Tomorrow, there will be Bible study for children and a luncheon hosted for the American visitors at the pastor's home. Everyone is tired and happy after working so hard in the service of the Lord this day. Also, since the group has been here, we have not had a single power outage. That's a little scary.  I think I"ve got the pictures thing sorted out now.  Sorry for the problems.
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