Monday, August 15, 2011

Feeling a bit sad today.  I have all the documents I need for immigration but have discovered that the complaints issued to immigration about my status here have all come from a few members of our church.  Names some of you will know, Mazira, McKenna, Leopold, Omiwanji, and others who have always thought we should be giving them money instead of feeding hungry orphans, or providing scholarships, or building churches.  I was truly saddened to learn that Pastor Moses whom I considered a friend was one of the main accusers.  Pastor Moses himself has now been deported and is back in Kenya.  It is sad when personal greed coming from people who have benefitted from our own generosity have betrayed our love for them.   I am not angry, just really, really sad.  It doesn't seem to matter how much good we do if are not helping some individuals get regular monthly payments for doing nothing.  We will press on, but betrayal from those very persons whose church you built, who's children you gave wedding gifts to, who's school fees you paid, who we have tried to teach to run their own businesses, it is these who turn on us.   It is not many, fewer than eight in all who are not well liked by the other members either, but hard to minister to those who care so little about the poor around them and the need for more Bibles and churches.  Found out that one man who received fifteen Bibles for his circuit, sold them and pocketed the money.   We were called here to help expand the Kingdom of God and we will do that as long as we draw breath and in spite of those who persecute us.  What we are doing is so much more important than the complaints of a few greedy and unhappy church members.
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