Tuesday, August 16, 2011

After six days, two trips to Musoma, and a trip from Magu by Pastor Nyanza, we seem to have finally pleased the immigration people.  They have our passports, our documentation, and our money (we do have a receipt), and, tomorrow, Shaban is supposed to stop by and pick up our resident permits (on paper with pictures) and our passports which will have a resident permit stamp in them.  So, looking good so far.  I'll feel better when we have them in our hands, but today everyone at immigration was all smiles and thank you sir.  John taught at Juasun and we did a little grocery shopping since we got our monthly money today.  Always a good day when you buy groceries at the Wazungu store.  Having fried chicken and guacamole with home-made chips tonight.  My kind of meal.  Learned some more about solar today.  Some prices have come down and it doesn't hurt to have a good friend running the TanSolar store in Musoma giving us stuff at his cost.  We will be sending a proposal to the board.  Six years ago, it would have cost $15,000 USD to go solar here.  Now, with Robi helping us, it looks like we can do the same thing for $1,500 USD.   With petrol now officially at $11 a gallon and diesel at $10.50 we are really feeling the pinch.  It costs over $3.00 an hour to run the generator, so we have been using up money at an alarming rate.  The cost of diesel is actually keeping us from doing some of our ministry because we just can't afford to make the trips when it costs over $200 to fill one tank.  We are praying for better times and hoping we offset some of the costs with solar.  Don't stop praying.
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