Monday, July 11, 2011

When we first started building here in 2005, we based several of the buildings on some we saw and liked at Pete O'Neals in Arusha. At Pete's, he has the "Red Onion". Here we have "Martha's Place"--very similar. However, we didn't have the money for the serving bar and the A/V center that Pete had. John is using his own money to fix that. We will have a working serving bar when the group from South Carolina gets here in a three weeks. The A/V center will take more time, but we have a small TV to use even now. John also put in a ceiling fan to help move the air around when the curtains are down because of rain. He is also getting very close to having his computer lab up and running. Pictures of all this are at the right--well, there is one at the right but if you click on it, it will take you to several others. Still looking to hire someone to replace Paul, but it isn't easy. We never give up because we know things move very slowly here--but they do move, and we do make real changes. Come visit us someday and help us with our mission. We'd love to have you.
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