Monday, July 25, 2011

We are very busy getting ready for our guests that will be arriving Saturday. Repairs still to be made, sheets to buy, food to buy, clean, and prepare (everything here is done by hand--we buy rice, it has to be cleaned and washed just like the beans). All the eggs and vegetables we buy have to be washed in a solution that contains a little bleach. Because of the power outages, this will be the first group that won't get hot showers, just cold ones. We will keep them busy, maybe not enough for Americans but unbelievable for Tanzanians. We will be doing Bible school, sanitation and hygiene seminars, and clothing distribution to orphans it two villages. Happily, we have a little time to clean our house, too. We haven't had a group since last summer, so we are a little out of practice. Still, we will be having a second group the day the first group leaves. It will be a very busy two to three weeks for us and hopefully productive ones for the groups. Out of the twenty-one people coming in the two groups, only two have been here before, two years ago. We welcome all. Karibu kila mara (You are always welcome).
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