Friday, July 29, 2011

Since the last group was here, we have added a serving bar and A/V center in Martha's place, have replaced twenty chairs, have added screened security doors to each guest cottage, have built a half a dozen new paths, planted new trees, built a barbecue pit and a patio. We have rethatched several roofs, repaired three doors, built a new filter production area and completed John's computer lab. Martha's place is now a WiFi hot spot for our visitors. Three new churches have been started and twelve bicycles have been provided to our evangelists. We also distributed 100 Bibles in Swahili divided among the circuits. I was consecrated the Bishop of Mara and Mwanza regions, Methodist Church in Tanzania, the library in Bunda is up and operating and text books are in the hands of students in Bunda and Musoma. Karen's school has gone from one session a day to two. We are in the midst of an extreme power problem with blackouts and outages occurring daily, but we are still constantly improving and continuing to serve God. Even sold two filters yesterday to missionaries in Musoma. The nice thing about doing God's work is that it is never done--there is always something to more to do and look forward to.
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