Friday, July 15, 2011

The serving bar is almost finished. The tile is in and now we just wait till Monday so we can paint after the plaster is dry. John found the plans for a picnic table that he thinks we can build for the patio area that will give us more diversity when we have groups here. We are excited about the two groups that are coming in two weeks. One group will arrive in July and leave on August 7th which is when the second group arrives. The joint will be jumping for a couple of weeks and we are still one staff person short, so we will try to have someone even if just temporarily while they are here. The school will also be in session, so lots of fun on the old farm. We are arranging the activities for the first group but the second group already has its agenda planned. They will just be eating and sleeping here. After that, we have no more groups scheduled. We hope we can get at least one group from the U.S. to come in 2012. We desperately need a youth group that can teach AIDs awareness to high-school students, so think about that. Remember, Tanzania has no violence and is the most stable government in sub-Saharan Africa after South Africa. We would love to have you. It will be a trip you will never forget.
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