Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No power today but at least we know why. A huge transformer blew up just a kilometer from our house. They've been working all day, but who knows when it'll be fixed. I have to sign two hundred forty-six baptismal certificates from since we got back from the U.S. Someone suggested I get a rubber stamp of my signature, but signing all those documents is a small task compared to the meaning for the recipients. The St. Wiggins Academy which got ejected from its previous building has a new one. The community is so in love with the school that they have made the bricks and built the walls. It needs a metal roof and the wood frame for same, so they came to me for that. Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to cover it, so it looks like thatch will have to do for now. One day maybe someone will come up the $400 it would take to roof it, but in the meantime they will have protection from the rain and sun. They have added thirty more students bringing the total to 160 and all of them orphans or too poor for government school. I can't feed them all, but the village has come up with some funds for the extra kids which is a minor miracle as they are all so poor. I wish they had named it something else because you won't find my picture by the word "saint" in the dictionary. My aunt Kitty maybe, but not me. We have the fan up and working in Martha's Place and now have the tile for the top of the serving bar. Life goes on in the midst of the poverty and pain for there is joy in the faces and laughter of the children and hope in the hearts of the parents.
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