Saturday, July 9, 2011

My son, Keith, sent me this from some research he is doing. Malaria not only kills children, it kills whole countries economically. If you can spare $5.00 you can save one to three lives depending on how many children sleep with their mother. You can send any donation to the One Book Foundation at 1910 Old Wire Road, Fayetteville, AR, 72703. It's tax deductible and makes you feel better. Read the research:

from Wikipedia on "vaccines"

One challenge in vaccine development is economic: many of the diseases most demanding a vaccine, including HIV, malaria and tuberculosis, exist principally in poor countries. Pharmaceutical firms and biotechnology companies have little incentive to develop vaccines for these diseases, because there is little revenue potential. Even in more affluent countries, financial returns are usually minimal and the financial and other risks are great.
More staggering stats: Each year, there are more than 225 million cases of malaria,[9] killing around 781,000 people each year according to the World Health Organisation's 2010 World Malaria Report,[10] 2.23% of deaths worldwide. The majority of deaths are of young children in sub-Saharan Africa.[11] Ninety percent of malaria-related deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa. Malaria is commonly associated with poverty, and can indeed be a cause of poverty[12] and a major hindrance to economic development.

Tanzania is in sub-Saharan Africa. In our own neighborhood nine children have died in the last two years. We hear the wails of the mothers. In the last week, in the same neighborhood, two mothers died leaving nine children orphaned and one young father leaving a wife and three children. We hear, see, and attend to the needs of the afflicted. It is depressing work, but important nonetheless.

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