Saturday, July 16, 2011

Juliana had to go to the hospital with a stomach ailment--we are praying for her. Francis's (security guard) father died in Dar Es Salaam yesterday. Karen and John walked to town today. Most exercise Karen has had in quite a while. They took a taxi back but then they did some shopping in town. Karen is an avid Tour de France fan, and she gets to watch it live every afternoon. This means I watch the replay of the British Open the next day, but that's okay. Power has been off and on today so things are normal. Our female German Shepherd is in heat for the first time and keeping her separate from the our boy dog has been stressful, but we think successful. Time will tell. We do want puppies but not this year. We already have several missionaries lined up to take them when they arrive. We will keep one and sell the rest. At least that's the plan. Again, we will see. In Africa, things seldom go according to plan. If you can't adapt and be flexible, you shouldn't be here. You must also be able to laugh at your own mistakes--you will make many. Good thing God is so forgiving, as are the Tanzanians.
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