Wednesday, July 27, 2011

John is doing a three-day seminar on how to set up cyber cafes with a student from Musoma. He's staying with us till tomorrow and just loves every minute he can get John to teach him things. The rest of us are still doing repairs, buying supplies, and cleaning. Juliana has been out for two days with a problem with her eyes, so keep her in your prayers. We hired a new person, Sophie, to help Edina with the grounds and buildings. She seems to be very good. Having been having some trouble with the generator because of cheap spark plugs. When you run it as often as we do, we need to keep changing the oil and have a good supply of spare spark plugs on hand. Who knew? Karen has 25 students in her school which is five more than she said she would allow, but she can't say no to a crying mother. Worked with a woman from the Baptist church to help with our group and really liked her. Things are happening here.
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