Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The group of seven from South Carolina is now in Arusha with all their luggage, no less. They will spend tomorrow shopping in Arusha and exchanging money, and then will begin a three-day safari through the Serengeti on Thursday. They will be delivered to our mission, Maisha Na Maji, on Saturday afternoon. Then a week of activities before heading back to the U.S. on Sunday, August 7th. As soon as they leave, another group of fourteen Baptists from Texas will arrive for a week of activities. They have already planned their mission, so we will just feed them, sleep them, and get them back to the airport when they leave. We bought 40 pounds of rice and 10 pounds of beans in Musoma today since they will all have to cleaned and washed before they can be cooked. Looks like a fun-filled couple of weeks for us. Do keep the groups and us in your prayers. As another highlight, we got a box of goodies from our friend Dorian Leonard in Arkansas. What a surprise, too less than a month to get here. Christmas in July.
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