Saturday, July 30, 2011

The group made it, just a little late, but the driver had never been to our place before. It is a wonderful group of two married couples, two women in their forties, and one young woman in her twenties from Arkansas. Mostly South Carolina, though. They had a great safari and one of them is preaching in the Baptist church tomorrow with two more giving testimonies. We will be doing a sanitation and hygiene workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday here at Maisha Na Maji. It was truly heart-warming to see Chris and Cami again. We just love them. There are more projects than time, so we will see what all we do. They brought us lots of stuff but mainly clothes for little orphans and that's a heart melter, right there. I like all of them. I mean really like all of them. They will change the face of Christianity here. God love 'em.
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