Friday, July 1, 2011

Found out today that one of our staff took his son with a broken arm to a "local healer" (witch doctor) and wanted us to help pay his outrageous fee. We gave him an advance on his salary and added a token payment but told all the staff we would help with real doctors and medicine but would not help with local healers. I don't know if this is right or not because it's not in our "missionary handbook". I'm sure these guys can cure some things with herbs and such but a broken arm? Just does not feel right. Power is off for twelve hours again today--corruption has ruined the national power company but what can you do? Delivered a new bicycle today to Pastor Festo and helped with his son's school fees. Karen is a little better today which is a good sign. The doctor has been in Mwanza all week but will be by next Monday to check on her. The new door frame in Dubu's Place (guest cottage) is about finished and work is about to start on additions to Martha's Place. Will also start on a new interior door frame here in the house next week. Will be meeting with Moto-Moto (means hot-hot in Swahili) the pastor of the nearby Baptist church to confirm plans for the group coming in a few weeks. There is always work to do if you listen to God's call. I thought retirement was for leisure. Silly me.
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