Sunday, June 26, 2011

The power here comes and goes. We never know if we will need the generator or not but more often than not, we will need it. Without it, our lives would not be as pleasant. Therefore, we need to keep it serviced and in good working order. We need to have a good supply of petrol (gasoline) on hand, and we need to have a good system worked out with the security guard and in the house on how to switch over and back. We have to shut down the water heaters and electric cooker because the generator can't handle them. We have to unplug electronic devices and then plug them back in after the generator has taken over. I am not telling you this as a "how to" for missionaries. This is how life works for Christians. Our power is not internal but external in the heavens. We sometimes disconnect ourselves from the source and try to run on our own internal source, but that always fails. That is why we have the church. It's rather like a generator. There we can reconnect with the power we need, but we need to work out how often we go, what mental state we need, and to know what's important there. There is a lot even at church that is not helpful to you and can even lead you astray. You need to pray before you go to church, while you're there, and afterwards. It's like switching to the generator. You know it won't be for long, but your life can suffer if you don't use what is offered. A hot coal pulled away from the fire quickly dies, but once pushed back into the heat, it rekindles and bursts into flames. Hello! That's why you need church as often as you can get it. The power is always present, but sometimes you have to be active in reconnecting. Try it. It's why so many laid down their lives so that you may have it when you need it. God bless the church for all its faults. What you need is there even though some churches make it harder to find than others. You need to go. Period.
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