Wednesday, June 29, 2011

For us, the big news is all over the place. My son, Chris, is the Director of the Creative Lab at Google and has been working for months redesigning every Google product. Last Friday, he made the presentation to the employees of Google (called Googlers) at their Mountain View, California, headquarters and by video to the New York headquarters (where Chris works). He was surrounded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page the co-founders of Google (Larry Page is now the CEO). He sent us lots of pictures, but for legal reasons we can only show ones with just Chris in them, so see the one at the right (clicking on it will show you three more). By now, all the news media are carrying stories about this. It was Chris's idea that he sold to his boss who took it to Larry Page who loved it. Now it is a reality. There is an official Google blog that Chris wrote and video tours of all the new changes. We are very proud parents. I can also say that Chris and his wife have been here twice and plan to come again next year. Chris led a fund drive that paid for all of Karen's heart treatment and hospitalization in Nairobi last October. Of course, we are also proud of our son, John, who is doing incredible things here with computers and internet and of our son, Keith, who is a food scientist in Springdale, Arkansas, who teaches at a Christian school before work every morning and is the father of our two granddaughters. There is an old quote from a man who was asked which of his three sons he loved the most. His answer: the sickest till he is well, the youngest till he is old, and the farthest until he is home once more. It works for me and my guess is it is the way God loves us as well.
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