Monday, June 27, 2011

Edina's daughter, Paulina, is home from the hospital and is no longer having seizures. Won't know about brain damage for some time as she is still having headaches and not completely out of the woods yet, but thank you for all your prayers and don't stop. Paulina is so bright that Karen and I are paying her rather expensive fees for a very good boarding school. This is the kind of girl that can make big changes in her home country and is a devout Christian. It would be very sad if malaria claims her as one more of its millions of victims. Juliana had to go to the hospital this morning but first asked for shopping money so she could stop at the market and bring us some eggs and bread later this afternoon. We see a spirit here we are not used to--not that it is missing from the U.S. because I see it in David and Ginny Poulter's family just to name one, but it is foreign to my experience. We do miss our American friends. We were just there a couple of months ago but it makes me homesick to remember because I seriously doubt that we will ever make it back. Thank God for internet, email, FaceBook, and cell phones. We were able to see the first steps of our granddaughter over thousands of miles, three continents, and nine time zones--and see them just minutes after she took those first proud little steps. We do get lonely over here and appreciate so very much every email and FaceBook post. It helps so very, very much to feel we are still part of that world as well. So, to Sarah Holifield, all Karen's teacher friends, Camilla, Keith Compton, my family, our friends in Germany and Australia, and all our friends who still reach out to include us in their world--God bless you and may God fill you with the grace you share with us. Oh, and we have had power all day. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Shaban should be back tomorrow night and so Wednesday we should be able to ease Karen's pain a great deal. Remember, we are all working together for God's purposes no matter how far and scattered we may be. We are offering our hands to hold yours--just have to do electronically, but it helps a lot. Thank you for thinking of us.
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