Thursday, June 30, 2011

Edina's daughter, Paulina, is definitely out of the woods. She came to see us today and is going back to school in Mwanza on Saturday. She was all smiles. We gave her a little money to pay for bus fare and food. Lots of thanking God going on. Lusi was out yesterday because her next door neighbor, a twenty-eight year old woman died and left three children. We gave her money to give the family for food. We always tell them to say the money is from them but they always give us credit instead. Francis had to leave with a stomach ache. I thought he might be faking, but it happens seldom and I don't want to play God with the staff's health. We got along fine without him since Edina was here as well as Bwana Masele's daughter. Pastor Festo comes tomorrow to pick up his new bike but I've been too sick to have one built for him, so he'll just have to take the money. I hate to do that because it is such a temptation to use it for other things, but sometimes you just have to trust God. He will also be picking up the $40 for next year's school fees for his son. We wish we could do so much more, but we have to use what we have. The Teacher's College will be starting in late July and we hope that the money for the scholarships comes in. We trust that it will. The church members who have been contributing have been not only generous but faithful as well, so we are not worried. Karen is better now with her new medicine just not back up to full speed yet. We are excited about the group from South Carolina that is coming in a month. It will be good to speak Southern English for a week or so.
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