Friday, July 20, 2018

“How many observe Christ's birthday! How few, His precepts!” ― Benjamin Franklin

                     We finally won our case before the High Court of Tanzania after three years and over $5,000 in costs.  The Kenya Methodist Church through two of our former pastors had sued us, declaring that Bishop Monto was not a bishop, nor was I, that I was to be deported, and that all buildings and assets belonging to me and to the Methodist Church in Tanzania were to be handed over to the representatives of the Kenya Methodist Church.  The judge in the case gave his oral ruling two weeks ago and his written ruling just Tuesday of this week.  These people had sued us in local court and lost.  They then sued in District Court and lost.  Then they sued in Regional Court and lost.  After the regional court ruling, Tanzanian Immigration revoked all the visas of Kenyan Methodist Pastors and sent them back to Kenya prohibiting them from returning.  The Presiding Bishop of the Kenya Methodist Church sent a letter to Tanzanian Immigration demanding that I be deported.  The letter was filled with so many obvious lies (the Chief of Immigration knew me), it was laughed at, and later he showed it to me and we both laughed.  The Kenya Methodist Church had been receiving lots and lots of money from the United Methodist Church in America until their corruption had been proved many times.  In 2014, the United Methodist Church ceased all funding to Kenya and Uganda and have never sent another penny.  That's when they sued us in the High Court and lost one final time.  The judge was mad that they had caused so much money and time to be spent on a court case that could have been used to help other people and said as much in his decision.  We have had to fight many times to keep expanding the Kingdom of God here, but never against atheists, satan worshipers, or pagans.  It has always been other Methodists who have opposed us, both here and at home.  Sad, isn't it?
                  Our most recent pastor here at the Bunda Methodist Church was a man whose seminary education was paid by me.  I paid the rent on his house here, sent him money for food, and gave the church a bicycle so the pastor could do evangelism.  Last week, that pastor fled, stealing the bicycle, leaving behind his wife and a four-month-old child, and had run up $100 in debts in town claiming that I would pay.  I paid those debts, bought another bicycle, and paid the bus fare to get the wife and baby back to her home village.  Mother Teresa said: "People really need help but may attack you if you do help them. Help people anyway."  I know of no other way that makes Christ's love visible in this world.  We continue to need lots of financial help and much has fallen off over the years, but we will continue to serve, feed the orphans, keep the school running, and make disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ until the money is all gone or God calls me home.  I can do no other and still honor my beloved wife.

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