Sunday, July 22, 2018

“Be the kind of person who is a joy to be around. Caring for and loving others brings out the best in you and keeps your heart open to the unspoken and deeply buried needs of others.” ― Farshad Asl

                    This week, Shaban brought me the lectern he had built out of Mninga wood (an African hardwood that is difficult to work).  Francis applied the varnish.  It looks really good and will be the main piece of furniture in my weekly "Sermons from the Serengeti" series (see picture at the right).  I really like it and added a cross made from cholla cactus which only grows in the Sonoran Desert in northern Mexico and Arizona.  Karen bought it for me many, many years ago when she went to visit her brother, John, in Phoenix (see Facebook post for picture of cholla cactus in the wild).  It was too fragile to be packed in her suitcase, so she carried it on the plane and sat with it in her lap all the way back to Arkansas.  People stared at her as she looked liked a pilgrim on the way to a shrine somewhere in the Ozarks.  It has been on the wall of every house we've lived in since then including this one, and I took it off the wall here to hang it on the lectern.  This way, a bit of Karen will always be with me when I preach from behind this lectern.  So will a bit of Africa (the wood) and the Muslim (Shaban) who has been so instrumental in keeping me alive and making sure our mission has been a success.  As I wrote yesterday, it has been Christians who have been our biggest adversaries and a Muslim who has been our greatest friend and helper.  You think there might be a sermon in that?  

  The link to the sermon itself is below.  Once again, I am alone in my take on this scripture, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.  Listen and decide for yourself.  It’s only ten minutes long.  Just click on it, sit back and listen.  Perhaps God will speak to you through it, perhaps not.  If you also click on "Subscribe" and then the little bell icon, you will be notified whenever a new sermon is available.  Oh, and if you like it, you can click "Like."  Just sayin'

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