Wednesday, July 12, 2017

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.” ― Tom Bodett

           Kinda sad today as my son, his wife, and my sister are all on the way back to the United States, but we do have all three of the things listed in the quote above from Tom Bodett.   We won’t be sad for long as we have an upper here that is better than Prozac because the little ones are back and preschool is in full swing just a few meters from our house.  I just love hearing their laughter and singing in the morning as did my sister.  I even love their shouting out the words in English that they know.  Their happiness, hope, and joy to see another day of school fills me with hope and joy and the courage to go on.  They are so young yet so full of life and excitement.  I could never get as excited as they do over a couple of cups of hot porridge (ujii) but then I have never had to go hungry for days on end and never lived without parents or adults who really cared for me.  They get more love, food, and caring here than they have ever had, so they laugh and sing.  I would, too.
        Today is our youngest son’s birthday.  He is 38 years old—our baby is thirty eight!  Karen had all three boys in different ways.  The first was a traditional birth with drugs and the doctor doing all the work.  The second one was natural (Lamaze) and was easy for her and for John.  Keith was a caesarian as he was about a month late and weighed ten pounds three ounces at birth (he weighs more, now).  Each one was a joy.  Keith though was the athlete of the three and played every sport: football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.  As a dad, I got to see him catch a touchdown pass while I was in the press box as a spotter.  The announcer handed the microphone and said, “You announce it.”  And I did.  He, like the other two, has always made us proud and still does.  He is a wonderful father to our two granddaughters and our grandson.  Even though we are thousands of miles away, we carry him in our hearts every day.  That’s what family is all about.  I’ll look at pictures of him growing up today and cry as I remember all the good times.  Karen and I are also proud of the relationship the three brothers have with each other, too.  They all know they can count on the other two.  That’s pretty special these days.  
            Two of our bishops (Monto and Festo) are in Mwanza today for a meeting with a judge from the High Court of Tanzania who wants the other guys to drop their suit and reconcile.  We will just have to wait and pray.  We hope they agree and this thing will be past us. 
            Have a terrific Wednesday.  Hug and love those who care about you and love and pray for those who don’t like you.  Pray for safe travels for my family members and pray for a great day for my birthday boy.  Be kind to everyone.  Kindness feels good as giver and receiver, so just do it.
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