Wednesday, July 5, 2017

“Sticking with your family is what makes it a family.” ― Mitch Albom

Wow!  It is so wonderful to have my oldest son, his wife, and my sister here.  They had a fantastic safari and saw lots of animals.  My sister has vision problems, and there were many times when the animals were too far away for her to see.  No problem, as almost every type of animal from lions to elephants came close to the car, so she could see them clearly.  She’s convinced that since his death, our father has become her guardian angel and was actively involved with herding the animals toward her.  She may be right.  They had a wonderful guide who’s a twenty-six year veteran and knows the parks like the back of his hand.  The pictures they brought back are all keepers.  The one on the right was taken by my oldest son and just seems to capture our area of Africa in one glance.
                  Since we are only missing my son, Keith, from being a complete family, we have decided to have Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  John was able to find a frozen turkey in Mwanza (only our third one in twelve years), so we will have a turkey dinner with all the fixin’s tomorrow.  So that the whole family will be included, my youngest son, Keith, will join us electronically and will say grace for our dinner (it means he will have to be up at five in the morning, but he was excited to help).  It will mean a lot to have him there even if only through a computer.  
                On Friday, my sister will travel out to the village of Karikakari where we have one of our seven Montessori preschools, but this one is named after her, “St. Penny’s Academy.”  It’s an hour and half drive over rough roads, so I won’t be going, but the others will, and she’s very excited about meeting those cute kids.  Our preschool here is going and she’s been able to see and hear our kids singing and laughing every day.
                  John has started walking every morning to exercise and Chris and Penny have joined him while they are here.  We got a package from South Carolina in the mail yesterday and there in the box were some new walking shoes for yours truly, so this morning I will begin to walk, too.  I’m sure I’ll only do one or two laps as I am just starting, but it will be nice to be out and walking again.  Thank you so much, Cami Smith.  Cami always includes clothes for our workers in her packages to us, and boy were they all excited to get new shoes and clothes as well.  Karen’s little dog, Sissie has adopted all three of our guests and is happy to be part of family.  It has been so nice just to hear their voices coming from the other room and to know that they will be here for another week.  God is good.  All the time.
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