Wednesday, July 26, 2017

“News travels fast in places where nothing much ever happens.” ― Charles Bukowski

                          News from the front.  On Monday, Karen, John, and Shaban went to Mwanza while I stayed behind to Sissie sit.  John needed to do work on the rural solar project, Karen wanted to get her hair done, and Shaban needed to get some paperwork for Karen’s residence permit that expires next month.  John was successful, as was Shaban, but Karen’s Indian hair lady was out sick.  However, Karen took our new outdoor lady worker, Pendo, to buy flowers for the place, so the two women shopped at nurseries and came home with a carful of colorful flowers that will grow here—and that don’t need a lot of water.  Karen and John shopped at the wazungu store (wazungu are non-Africans, the word means people who go in circles and accomplish little) to buy sliced cheese, black olives, and other things never sold in Bunda.  We only make it to the grocery in Mwanza about once a month and spend almost $300 there by the time we’re done.  John wasn’t able to finish all the work on the solar project but was able to continue the next day via video conference from here in Bunda.  Easy to say, “Let there be light” but a little harder to make it happen.  Sissie and I met with Bishop Monto who was going to Mwanza today to try to finish up our court case in the High Court of Tanzania where we are being sued by the Kenya Methodist Church.  The judge wants the two parties to work things out, saying, “Christians shouldn’t be suing each other.”  Amen, judge.  He has told us we will win, but he doesn’t want to have to rule in a church dispute.  We’ll see.  
                          The president of Tanzania has cracked down on all the gasoline companies that haven’t been paying taxes for years and has made them all install computer sales machines which has made getting diesel a little more difficult than usual but Shaban always knows a guy who knows a guy, so we haven’t had too much trouble.  As the gasoline tax helps pay for education, we are rooting for the new president.  Sissie and I had a quiet day Monday which was nice.  I do like to have alone time occasionally, so it was nice just to share the house with Rachel and Sissie for the day.  Still, Sissie went nuts when they came back having noticed that her goddess, Karen, wasn’t at home all day.  Must be nice to be greeted so enthusiastically every now and then.  
                   That’s all the news from Lake Woebegone (Victoria) for now.  Come on over sometime, we’ll leave the light on for you.
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