Tuesday, July 11, 2017

“Here is to the nights we felt alive, here is to the tears you knew you’d cry, here is to good bye, tomorrow is going to come too soon.” ― Eve 6

            Sadly, and boy do I mean sadly, our visitors leave tomorrow to return to the United States.  Today, while my oldest son and I raced Formula One cars on a video game, my sister, daughter-in-law, and my wife were all out at the school with the four-year-olds, laughing, singing, teaching, learning, and loving.  They have all been bicycling around town, walking around town, and getting to know the wonderful people of Bunda.  My sister has learned what almost everyone who comes here learns: the hardest thing about coming to Africa is leaving.  They have all pledged to return in two years, and we are excited that they will be coming back.
            Last Friday, my sister, my son, John, my son, Chris, and his wife, Brenda, all drove out to the village of Karikakari where the preschool at the church is named after my sister.  The villagers put on quite a show for Penny, singing, dancing, and having the whole bunch for lunch at the local pastor’s house (see picture at the right).  The people there gave them gifts of clothes and carved animals, as well as showing them how much love they had to give as well.  It made quite an impression on my sister, as well it should.  I’ve been telling people for years about how wonderful the people of Tanzania are, but it’s different when you are the object of their love.  
             It’s going to be really quiet once they’ve gone, but they will stay in our hearts forever—that’s how it should be.  Part of loving is the joy of seeing each other again and part of the pain is having to part once more.  
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