Friday, June 30, 2017

“I sustain myself with the love of family.” ― Maya Angelou

               Hooray!  My son, Chris, his wife, Brenda, and my sister, Penny, all landed safely last night in Arusha at Kilimanjaro International Airport.  My son, John, and our driver, Shaban, drove over to meet them to pick up a lot of baggage they brought with them.  Our three guests are going to do a three-day safari through the Serengeti National Park and will arrive in Bunda on Monday.  They were kind enough to bring with them a big Pawley’s Island Hammock (a gift for me that another friend had paid for), and lots of other stuff that they couldn’t take with them on their safari.  So, John and Shaban drove over to pick up the hammock and other baggage and will come back to Bunda today while Chris, Brenda, and Penny begin their safari to look for animals—I think they’ll find some.  We have lots planned including a trip out to Karikakari for Penny to see the Montessori preschool there that is named in her honor.  
                    We are so excited to have family with us as this only happens about every four years or so.  It’s an amazing thing to have people with you who speak your own native language, are from the same country you are from, and in the case of family, know all the stories and allusions you make from your past.  We feel truly honored because few missionaries here get to have family come visit as it takes almost three days just to get here, and it is a fairly expensive trip.  It will be difficult to keep from talking non-stop for their entire visit, but I am going to try to be humble and quiet as much as it is possible for me.  I do like to talk a lot which is called being garrulous.  I also like being around a lot of other people with is called being gregarious.  One of my professors and a friend at the University of Arkansas, Jim Whitehead, said that I was special in that I was gregaralous (a word he created combining liking to talk with liking to be around other people).  I am guilty as charged so should be very happy over the seven or eight days of their visit here.  It is just so nice to get back in touch with my son and his wife, and I haven’t seen my sister in over four years, and she has never been to Africa.  I suspect she will have a great time if she can avoid the lions and the gastrointestinal diseases we sometimes get.  
                   I told my son that my age and health wasn’t going to let me do a lot with them, and he told me that they were coming to visit me and not to run marathons together or climb mountains.  Whew!  That’s good.  Karen and John and I are happy campers.  More later.

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