Thursday, May 18, 2017

“The sound of our generator reminds me of God, really.” ― Me

                We change the oil in our new generator every time it runs for twenty hours or more.  We will be changing the oil today (with a new spark plug) for the second time this month.  The power has been going on and off every other day and even when it’s on, it may not be at full voltage or it may surge and throw all the breakers such that we have to run the generator even though the national grid has power.  Our old generator was a 7000, but as you can see from the picture at the right, the new one is a 7600 with a Honda engine.  It’s a really good one, but when I heard it start this morning, it did make me think about why we need to pray, to get together with other Christians, to read the Bible, and to reflect on our actions as Christians.  None of us can run for twenty hours without needing a little refreshing of ourselves and of our beliefs and actions based on those beliefs.  To live as an authentic Christian takes some work.  Sunday Schools, church services, Bible studies, sermons, and hymns that rekindle old feelings and get your blood flowing—all are necessary.  Alcoholics Anonymous is successful (I think) because of the regular meetings and especially the sponsors.  We all need someone to tell us that even though we have failed or been tempted we need to get back on track.  I still love Elie Wiesel’s nightly prayer, “So God, how’d I do today?  Did I make you proud or did I make you ashamed?”  We need stuff like that.
                         One of the things I miss most here are the early morning coffee and donut Bible studies I had with other men.  I went to two or three a week.  They were like AA meetings for me.  Even internet things like Facebook can help.  On Facebook, I read Bible verses and see video clips of Christians in action that give me a lift (or make me cry or both) as well as seeing what churches around the country are doing.  Even writing my blog every day forces me to bring my religion into sharp focus on a daily basis.  We all need to change our Christian oil every twenty hours or so and sometimes need to add a new spark plug to help us get going again.  As wonderful as meditation and withdrawal can be, we live the kinds of lives that need positive daily interaction with God and His children.  A pastor friend of mine used to use her steering wheel as a kind of rosary (maybe she still does—it’s better than texting).  The finger bumps on the back of the wheel were prayer points for her, and she would pray several prayers every time she drove (not with her eyes closed, though).  I thought it was such a neat idea that I started doing it (thanks Dee Dee).  I haven’t driven in over seven years now, so I use a cross on one of our walls as a kind of mezuzah (the thing Jews touch coming in and going out of their houses) to remind me to pray.  Of course, lately I can use every time the power goes off to remind me where the real power enters my life and soul.  We are all too blessed not to offer thanks every day and to ask for help getting through every day.  Prayer changes things, and that’s God’s truth.  Talk to Him today . . . and listen, too.  He has something to say to you . . . every single day.
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