Sunday, April 16, 2017

“Of course God does outrageous things, like Easter morning.” ― Craig D. Lounsbrough

                     A truly spiritual woman and one of my heroes was once the pastor of a mid-sized church in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Yes, Sara Bainbridge, this is your story.  She told this story on herself at an Easter morning service, and I have never forgotten it, nor should you once you hear it.  This woman pastor, Rev. Sara Bainbridge, (who should be the role model for all pastors, male or female) was teaching a confirmation class to sixth graders.  After several sessions, she got to the lesson on Easter.  She asked the class to think back a couple of thousand years, to what it was like before Jesus, when people only knew that death was the end of things.  She then asked them to think for a moment about what Jesus’ first words might have been when He walked out of the tomb on Easter morning.  One little girl didn’t even think for a moment, she thrust her hand up and then stood up.  Rev. Sara called on her.  The little girl threw her arms up in the air and proudly exclaimed, “Ta Da!”  What more do you need to say about Easter?  All the theology, sermonizing, and countless book and articles couldn’t have said it any better, any more concisely, or any more enthusiastically.  Christ said “Ta Da” to life beyond death, life eternal.  So do I.
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