Monday, April 17, 2017

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy—I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” ― David Livingstone

                 The greatest dawning the world has ever known was on a Monday a couple of thousand years ago—the Monday after Christ rose victorious.  Mondays get a bad rap because for a whole lot of people it’s the start of their work week, and all they see is a week’s worth of work ahead of them.  The Monday after Easter ought to be a huge holiday.  It is a national holiday here in Tanzania, and I think this is fitting because truly this is the day that the real future of our world began, a future where peace, love, forgiveness, and the unconditional love of God would become a reality for anyone who sought them.  We ought to baptize on Mondays and not Sundays, so people would see the significance of the new beginning—cause that’s what today was all those years ago, the beginning of God’s Kingdom here on this earth that all who wanted to join could join regardless of nationality, wealth, poverty, color of skin, language spoken, age, education, or any other way we use to categorize people.  Jesus spread His arms the day after He rose and welcomed every single one of us into those arms.  I resisted Him for years and am very lucky I did not die before I realized, like Wesley at Aldersgate, that He died for even me.  I remember the moment.  I was in a chapel at a Catholic retreat center in Peacedale, Rhode Island in 1990.  I had a legal pad and a pen and wrote every single sin I had committed and could remember along with some general ones and filled eleven pages of yellow legal paper.  I then took those pages full of sin, put them in a brass bowl on the altar, and set fire to them.  I stayed on my knees and watched as the smoke rose to heaven out an open window, signaling the end of my imprisonment to sin and my freedom as a child of God.  I also realized at that moment of sorrow/joy mix that I now had the responsibility to show the world that this wasn’t just something I felt, but something that had changed me forever.  My life would be lived in service to others from that moment on, in the imitation of Christ, and of Paul, and of every true disciple in history.  My future is in the hands of God, and there is indescribable peace in that.  And why?  Because of a Monday, a long, long time ago and every Monday since.  Mondays should never be blue, they should be filled with rainbows and promises.  Mine are.
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