Thursday, April 6, 2017

“If you want to harvest oats, you have to sow oats.” ― Col. Blake from “MASH”

              Karen is still working on making new uniforms for the little ones at St. Caryn's Academy.  Each child becomes a new creation when that uniform goes on.  Each smile becomes brighter and each step becomes lighter.  It is an amazing transformation that we are so blessed to be able to see.  I have seen people with new, very expensive cars that are not as happy as these children who, with the uniform, become part of the culture of school and can claim a future.  If any one of us is just a little depressed, all it takes is just a five minute visit to the school and it becomes hard to contain the joy.  We feed them two cups of hot ujii (porridge), rice and beans at noon, and provide their uniforms and school supplies.  For many of them, what they eat here is all they have to eat each day, and the uniform is the only new pieces of clothing they have ever owned, but the main thing the school gives them is a future.  Things here are very bleak if you don't have or can't get an education.  Giving a child hope and dreams for a future are among the greatest gifts that can be given.  We are so blessed to be a part of the future for these little children and orphans who only lack earthly parents--God loves each one--as do we.  Keep all the children of the world (red and yellow, black and white) in your prayers and they will end up blessing you.  And that’s the truth.
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