Tuesday, February 28, 2017

“He who waits to do a great deal of good at once will never do anything.” ― Samuel Johnson

                   Shaban is back from Dar Es Salaam having successfully gotten Karen’s official Labor Permit.  It used to take a two-day bus ride to get there and another two-day bus ride back.  Four days of travel, two days of work, and Shaban has family there, so if he spent even two days with them—he would be gone for nine days and four of them hard days of bus riding.  We discovered that for an extra $100, we could buy him plane tickets and he could get there in an hour and a half.  He likes flying, at least he likes the little time it takes and avoiding those horrible bus rides.  He flew back in a rain storm and decided he didn’t like flying in or around thunderstorms.  Still, he managed to get Karen’s stuff done, got some stuff done for the Methodist Church in Tanzania by paying our annual trustee’s fees for us (just $25) that are very important, particularly in light of our case that’s still before the high court.  He got to spend two days with his family and was only gone a total of five days and got back rested and not worn out.  We were glad to pay for his trip and the $500 American for Karen’s Labor Permit as Immigration is cracking down on those missionaries who don’t have them.
          The good news is that it has rained every day for the last seven or eight days.  The bad news is that our highly amplified crusaders that are way too close to our house have decided that they are the reason for the rain’s return.  As a result, they have decided to continue their very loud crusade until Easter.  We pray that they have wonderful results which will make our suffering worthwhile.  They go from four in the afternoon to eight every night except Saturday (their Sabbath) when they go from eight in the morning till eight at night.  We ought to be pretty darn holy by Easter.  The only exception is if the rain comes during the crusade.  As they are meeting under a canvas canopy, the rain drives them home and cuts short the crusade.  So far, that’s only happened once.  Still, it’s only four hours a day, and we all have headphones and computers to get some peace.  And, if they really are bringing the rain, more power to them.  Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
              Our working dogs are not sleeping during the day like they used to do and are up barking to drive off dogs in the neighbor’s yard every day.  Seems, his compost heap has good stuff to eat that brings the roaming dogs to his place.  We have offered to build a fence around his compost heap with a gate, and he is very happy to let us do it.  It’ll keep the roaming dogs away and let our dogs sleep during the day, so everyone’s a winner.  At most it’ll cost a couple of hundred dollars and John has offered to pay half, and I’m gonna let him.  
            We know we have two packages on the way to us that’ll come in the next three or four weeks and that always keeps us going and our spirits up.  Thanks to all who keep us in their thoughts and prayers every day.  That is the only reason we are able to do what we do here in the name of our Lord.  God bless all ya’ll.
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