Wednesday, December 7, 2016

“If we defy the odds and ask, GOD will defy the odds and answer.” ― TemitOpe Ibrahim

     What can I say?  That God still does miracles?  Does that surprise anyone?  I am still bedfast after several days in two different hospitals, but I am at home and definitely on the mend and the doctors are using the word “miracle” as am I, except I know that “miracle” is just a word to describe God at work in ways that we don’t yet understand.  My internal bleeding has stopped or at least slowed to a real crawl and is getting better every day.  The cancer everyone was sure was going to be inoperable just disappeared and no one can explain why.  The extensive surgery I was dreading is no longer necessary.  The two less dangerous surgeries have been done.  One was unbelievably painful as the anesthetic was pumped into my hand instead of my veins and the excruciating pain rendered all they did useless and prompted a change to a new hospital.  The anesthesiologist in the new hospital did what was called a “saddle block” but missed the spot on the first try and seemed to set my left leg on fire and doused with acid.  I screamed so that others came in to see what was wrong.  It seems it is a very delicate thing to do and he just wasn’t used to finding that tiny spot on a big, fat man.  After sedation to calm me down, he tried again and this time it worked.  The surgeon will be a hero to me for the rest of my life.  He found the problem, fixed it, and assured me there should be no further problems for years to come.  I still have a catheter but go back next week to have it removed early in the morning and will be observed all day.  If there are no problems (and none are expected), I go home as healed by God through the hands of humans.  The nurses, the other doctors, the lab folks, everyone at the CF Hospital treated me as if I was family.  It’s a small hospital with only seven rooms, but I was blessed to have one.  These past few weeks, I have known pain far greater than I have ever experienced, and I’ve had a lot of pain in my life, but I’ve also known love and caring far beyond what I deserve and from people of another culture and language yet they cared for me like family.  I’ll not go into detail about what was wrong and how they fixed it because it is embarrassing and because I don’t really understand the ways God works.  Still passing a little blood but only rarely and they told me to expect that.  Lost so much blood that I am eating liver and red meat whenever I can.  Luckily, I love liver and onions, so I’m happy if still weak.  What I do know is that by this time next week I should have the medical seal of approval.  I also had both Shaban and Dr. Chris (my doctor here in Bunda) with me for every minute I was there.  Both of them call me brother and treat me as such.  Another thing I could never deserve but God’s grace is like that.  I’ve heard heaven is a wonderful place but I’ve been denied it yet again as there is apparently work for me to do here that God thinks only I can do.  Wish He didn’t trust me so much.  Whenever one of the doctors would use the word “miracle” I knew it was your prayers.  You lifted me up when I needed it so desperately and am so very, very grateful for your petitions to God.  Some of my atheist friends said they weren’t praying but were sending good thoughts and vibrations my way.  Don’t tell them those were prayers that God heard, but they were.  God bless each and every one of you who cared, prayed, encouraged, and helped financially.  We had just enough to cover everything—yet another prayer answered.  I will be praying for each of you whose name I know by name every day for quite some time.  All our churches here will be praying for you as well.  I’m getting another Christmas I didn’t think I’d see and more to come.  God is good.  All the time.   
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