Thursday, November 10, 2016

“Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely. Though we are imperfect, He loves us perfectly. Though we may feel lost and without compass, God's love encompasses us completely. He loves every one of us, even those who are flawed, rejected, awkward, sorrowful, or broken.” ― Dieter F. Uchtdorf

After dark here, it is truly dark.  There are no street lights, no store lights, and virtually no traffic as after dark the bandits come out.  There are also no police patrols, so the streets are usually empty except for people on foot.  We also have no 911, no ambulances, no paramedics, and no fire department.  This is why what happened last night was significant.  I had a medical emergency around eight o’clock that had happened before.  The last time it happened, four years ago, I ended up in surgery in Mwanza and spent six days in the hospital.  Of course this happened while John was in dar Es Salaam for a week.  I tried calling Dr. Chris but his phone was off and so was Shaban’s.  I got a hold of Francis, one of our workers, but he said he was too frightened to go to Shaban’s to get him that late at night.  I was in the process of trying to find a taxi to take me to the hospital (pretty sure I needed a catheter) when Dr. Chris called back.  He had been working with a patient who had just collapsed and had been doing CPR.  When the patient was okay, he saw I had called him and called me back.  Even though it was now eleven o’clock at night, he got on his motorbike, went to his clinic to get supplies, and came to our house.  He worked on me for about an hour and left with me feeling better and the proud owner of a new catheter.  He will come back today to check on me and bring me medication (this is the kind of thing that happens to men in their seventies) to keep me on the mend. Turns out another eight or nine hours might have proven fatal.   I was so grateful that he braved the night, riding a motorbike to come treat me and told him so.  He said how could he not help me when I was more than a patient and even more than a brother.  Bad things may happen to us here, but the people here are so wonderful.  He refused to take any payment.  You tell me, are we blessed here or what?  God takes care of His children when they are in distress.   Keep this in mind during the coming days, weeks, and years.
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