Thursday, September 1, 2016

“Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.” — E. B. White

     Having a twenty-two year old car means it needs a lot of attention to keep it going properly—much like Karen and I do.  So, it is in the car hospital today having new rings put in which is major surgery.  It’s also sporting a new windshield, new brakes, new shocks, new bushings, new bearings, and new front tires.  Kinda like a fading Hollywood star, it’s gotten a lot of stuff done to make it younger, and with care, should give us another ten years of service (which may be more than I can give).  Still, it’s a very good car and we really like and appreciate it.  We were only able to get it because my mother left me enough money just at the right time (does that sound morbid?).  She passed away at the age of 98 after a full life and still was able to help our mission after her passing.  I know she would have been happy with our choice.  We were able to repaint it and do a lot of little things to make it last for quite a while.  It is a Toyota Land Cruiser LX with constant four-wheel drive and has quite a bit of power.  It is the model that many of the Members of Parliament here like to use (theirs are much newer, however).  I think 1995 was a good year and most of this car is still steel and not plastic.  We can replace a headlight for about $40, but the ones that are five years newer cost $500 to put in a new headlight because it it part of a bigger part that’s mostly plastic.  Hard to beat a well-built old car.  Just ask Jay Leno.  
     Karen is doing a little better.  Still hasn’t passed the stone but is not in as much pain and the pneumonia is under control.  She’s not happy because she wants to do more and get out to her school to work, but that’s just not in the cards as yet.  She had a teachers’ meeting yesterday and gave them raises for which they were exceedingly grateful.  Karen is a good boss (yes, even of me).
     John created his own special barbecue sauce and used it on a tray full of chicken wings and WOW was it good.  I had to be hosed off after the meal as I was covered in the sauce, but it was worth it.  We are going to be having more barbecue chicken in the immediate future which just reminds me of my Dad.  Every Sunday, after church, he would barbecue chicken for our Sunday lunch.  The livers never made it into the house.  He said it was because they slipped through the grill into the fire, but I know better.  I’ve even used that same excuse myself.  John thought we’d get two meals out of that tray of wings, but he hadn’t counted on me being one of the eaters.  Next time, twice as many wings—and maybe, just maybe, we can get a second meal out of them.  We are so blessed to have John’s cooking skills to make our lives better here.
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