Wednesday, September 28, 2016

“Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” ― Dylan Thomas

      Came really close to dying Sunday but I raged against the dying of the light with help from Dr. Chris.  The vultures were circling and waiting (see picture at right).  Dr. Chris worked on me for five hours straight while I was delirious with spiking fever, but he pulled me through.  I remember seeing that it was eight o’clock in the morning when he arrived and the next thing I remember it was one in the afternoon and I was in a pool of my own sweat with IV’s in both arms and Dr. Chris ready to give me another injection.  I threw up so long and so hard that I was still sore on Tuesday night.  The doctor thinks my cerebral malaria might have been brought on by my taking phony malaria medication (sadly, too common) and he responded with Artesun IV injections (five over four days) which the WHO (World Health Organization) says is the very best treatment for severe malaria.  All I know is that it worked, and I am almost back to completely normal.  I have a five hour gap in my memory from Sunday, but I can live with that.  Karen and John both thought I wasn’t going to make it, but Dr. Chris said I wasn’t going to die on his watch—and he meant it.  Cerebral malaria can cause brain damage, coma, or death but pretty sure I dodged all three of those bullets.  I can’t remember ever being that sick, and what Karen says I was like during that five-hour blackout makes me a believer in prayer and the prayers of sincere carers.  Thank you so very much.  It seems I still have work to do here.  While Dr. Chris spent a lot of time here over the last few days, he and John talked about working out how to supply his new clinic with solar lights, and his new clinic is right across from the national power company.  Dr. Chris doesn’t want the power failing while he is operating, and who can blame him.  I got my last injection yesterday about three in the afternoon and am feeling pretty good right now, but as sick as I was, just not being about to die would feel good.  My grandmother used to use “being able to sit up and take nourishment” as the measure of my improvement, so by her standard, I’m doing well.  I can’t say enough for Karen, John, Shaban, and Dr. Chris for doing all the physical things necessary and all of you fantastic prayer warriors for not letting God forget me.  I lost lots and lots of red blood cells, so I will be weak for a month or more, but as Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “I’ll be back!”  Thank you again and God bless each of you.

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