Wednesday, August 24, 2016

“What God wants for us is always what's best for us - we just need to trust Him.” ― Lindsey Rietzsch

John is off to Mwanza for two days to work on his rural solar project.  Shaban will use his time in Mwanza to put two new tires on the front of the car, balanced and aligned.  After the incredible heat of yesterday afternoon, it was so cool this morning that fans were turned off, windows shut, and long sleeve shirts and long pants were the order of the day.  Funny place, equatorial Africa.  Still, I remember moving from Los Angeles where for eleven years, the temperature seldom changed, it almost never rained, and things seemed the same day after day.  It was not so in Northwest Arkansas.  Every day almost, my neighbor would say that it was unusually rainy, unusually hot, unusually cold, unusually windy, or we were having unusual snow that winter.  What I discovered very quickly was that in Arkansas—there was no “usual” weather and you could have all four seasons in a single week.  It is not so here.  The dry season stays dry and the rainy season stays wet.  It gets hot in the afternoon and cools off at night.  The sun comes up every day like toast in a toaster between six and seven and it goes down between six and seven every night.  Someone once asked if we had any deciduous trees, and I honestly hadn’t thought about it before, but no, there aren’t any trees here that lose their leaves.  The palm trees do drop fronds, but not till they are bare and ready for winter but to make way for new fronds that are growing.  Los Angeles helped us get ready for Africa; we just didn’t know it at the time.  
     In fact, pretty much everything we did and experienced prior to moving here prepared us for the mission God had been planning for us apparently for decades.  That’s the thing about God’s planning, it doesn’t seem to follow any hard and fast rules but does seem to always get you where God wants you to be.  In a one-act play called “Rattlesnake in a Cooler” a man realizes that what he thought had been a string of coincidences were really God just dropping him into a greased chute.  We know exactly what he means and maybe you do, too.  Our job is to do what God has set us to do in the right now and not to worry about the future.  The future is in God’s hands, and, when the time is right, you will learn why you had to do what you did in order to get you to where God wanted you to be.  We are not anywhere near where we thought we ought to be, but we now know that we are where God wants us, and there is great comfort in that.  It may not seem like you are about a mighty work of God at the moment, but trust God to make a mighty work out of whatever little you do—if you do it in His name.

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